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Have a mind that is open to everything, and attached to nothing.

My life would be happy and complete :) @anenchantedlife_ 
Shout out to @_alyshaaa_11 for posting this and letting me find out :) #goodvibes #havingabadday #thismademesmile #peaceandlove #hippies #positivity
16. April 2014

Months have rolled past.

Why are you still lurching around in my mind?

I hate myself for wasting my first ‘I love you’ on you.

I’m disappointed because I felt it was doomed to fail yet I continued on anyway.

I was stupidly hopeful.

I wish I wasn’t trapped in this body, living with this mind anymore

Anonymous asked: Why are nipples so sensitive and arousing. Like, what's up with that?

It’s because of the nerve endings located in this region.

Granted it’s only arousing if the person you are with is doing it right. if they aren’t best to do it yourself I say ;)

Anonymous asked: Can you post a video of your best dance moves?

Once I can find someone willing to video tape me and hold a camera steady you bet your sweet behind I will upload it for you to enjoy and laugh :D

I’m loving life :) #tough #bball #rehab #university #shoulder #anatomy
14. April 2014

Naked and vulnerable.

This feeling is beautiful yet haunts me.

I hope I will be okay by the end of the night.

14. April 2014

Someone went through my keys, now I’m out $50!!!

When I found out who this is I’m gonna punch them square in the face!

13. April 2014

Feel like answering questions :)

SO EXCITED! LIFE LONG DREAM COMING TRUE! #electricrun #electricrun2014 #charity #memories #rave #allnighter